Toll Shipping: Mooring Control Units

Both of Toll’s vessels – Victorian Reliance and Tasmanian Achiever – are held ashore via a system of six hydraulically driven mooring winches. Each winch is driven remotely via pilot operated joysticks to control both speed and direction.

The original units were poorly designed and fabricated from mild steel with a number of open cavities exposing the joysticks and control valving to the highly corrosive salt water elements. As a result the units were extremely corroded exposing dangerous hydraulic leaks and requiring major overhaul.

Hydraulics Australia designed complete new units fabricated from 316 stainless steel with all valving contained in a completely sealed compartment. New joysticks were sourced with the specific 40 Bar control range as original units which had since become obsolete with 316 stainless also selected for all replacement hosing, fittings and tube work. The units were then finished in 2Pack Epoxy with fabricated clip on hoods to protect exposed valve and joystick levers from the salt water spray while the ships are in transit across Bass Strait.