Toll Shipping: Tide Bridge Emergency Locking System

With their adjustable tide bridge nearing ten years of age since installation, Toll Shipping highlighted the need for an emergency system to be put in place, not only in case of the primary hydraulic system failing but also to facilitate the removal of the main hydraulic lift cylinders that were now in need of major overhaul.

Hydraulics Australia were approached to design and install a hydraulic system to actuate large mechanical locking pins that Toll had designed to lock the Tide Bridge in place and support the entire loaded weight of the freight and bridge (120 tones) and allow the main hydraulic cylinders to be removed.

However, due to our experience with the system and the integration required between hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems, Toll soon encouraged us to supply them an entire turn key system. Our extensive industry experience has provided us with strong working relationships with both mechanical and electrical contractors of the highest caliber. Thus we were able to supply not only the hydraulic system and installation but also the mechanical and electrical installs via our specialist sub contractors, ensuring that the entire system was properly integrated with the existing system with a minimal input required from the customer.

Now with the locking system in place the real work began of removing and overhauling the 14” bore, 1.8 m stroke lifting cylinders. Due to the marine environment the cylinder rods had started to corrode, lifting the chrome and scoring the surface. The units were disassembled, honed re-sealed and reassembled with new ceramic densified rod assemblies to best protect against any future corrosion problems.

All of this supplied to the customer through one single contractor… Who else but Hydraulics Australia!