Oil & Lubricants

Industrial Oils, Diesel Oil & Lubricants

The ‘life blood’ of any hydraulic system.

It not only transfers the awesome amounts of power so often demanded from hydraulic systems, but also cools and lubricates all the major components.

Hydraulics Australia currently have stock in our Melbourne office of ISO VG 32 & 46 in both 5 and 20 litre drums.

In this we offer our customers a wide range of lubrication solutions depending on their specific needs:Oil & Lubricants

  • Imported Morris premium lubricants range of synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral-based oils and greases
  • Locally-blended Lubex range of general-purpose oils and greases
  • Whitmore premium range Heavy Industrial Greases specifically designed for high-load mining and offshore applications
  • Automated grease spray systems and equipment from manufacturerers such as Graco, Lincoln, Tecalemite and Vogel

Oil Brands