Hydraulics Australia – Supplier of Hydraulic Valves

Directional, Poppet, Screw In, Proportional and Monitored Safety Valves

All your valve needs.

At Hydraulics Australia we offer you a complete complement of valves including:

Hydraulic Valves

  • Directional valves NG6–NG50
  • Logic Valves NG16–NG100
  • Screw in Cartrige Valves from Manufacturers Sun, Oil Control, Vickers and Integrated
  • Pressure Relief, Reducing and Sequencing
  • Load holding, pilot-check and counterbalance valves
  • Proportional and servo valves for high response, closed-loop control
  • Spool monitored safety valves that comply for use in CAT 3 and CAT 4 Safety systems under AS4024.1
Prop Valve
Monitored Safety Valves