Monitored Safety Valves

Monitored Safety ValvesIn order to comply with the current Australian Standard AS4024.1 – Safe Guarding of Machinery, it is a requirement for machine designers to block & or bleed all sources of hydraulic energy, most notably:

  • Supply Pressure from Power Units
  • Stored Pressure in Accumulators and large pressure lines.
  • Gravitational Energy from Suspended Loads

Hydraulics Australia manufacture and install a standard range of Spool Monitored Safety Manifolds, in Cetop 3 and Cetop 5 configurations, as well as custom systems for larger flow rates, that meet both Category 3 and 4 of the Australian Standard.

All manifolds utilize a minimum of two Spool Monitored Valves in series, that are certified and compliant with both the EU and AS standards. Monitored Valves are available in a wide range of sizes from Cetop 3 (NG6) to Cetop 10 (NG32) as well as Poppet and Pilot Check configurations.

pdf-icon-24 Monitored Safety Valves PDF

pdf-icon-24 Safety Valve Presentation